‘Shake’, the second track from Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch’s ‘Electric Murder’ unveiled today!

We’re happy to unveil today ‘Shake‘, the second track from Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch’s mythical Nigerian boogie album ‘Electric Murder‘, out on Kalita for Record Store Day on 29th August!

A massive Afro disco builder, virtually unknown until now, check it out before release date in a month’s time!


‘Electric Murder’ truly is the GRAIL of Nigerian boogie albums, and we can’t wait for release!

Accompanied by extensive liner notes based on interviews with producer Dan Irabor and Marcy and Dan’s daughter KayeCee, as well as a 12″ x 12″ poster.

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Jeannette N’Diaye’s ‘Makom Ma Bobe’ out now, with Mendel extended edit!


Kalita are excited to announce the first ever official re-release of Cameroonian singer Jeannette N’Diaye’s 1981 disco masterpiece ‘Makom Ma Bobe‘, backed by an extended edit courtesy of Mendel! Originally appearing as one of three tracks on ‘Mut’a Mbamba’, her 1981 single released on Cameroonian producer Jojo Ngalle’s record label Disques Jojo, ‘Makom Ma Bobe’ has recently exploded as one of the most sought-after Afro-disco records out there, with prices becoming ever exceedingly eye-watering and copies ever harder to find. Now Kalita come to the rescue, offering a loud and remastered 12” single for all.

Makon Ma Bobe (Original Version)

If that wasn’t enough, the single is also backed by an extended edit of ‘Makom Ma Bobe’, courtesy of Netherlands-based DJ and producer Mendel!

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Record Store Day 2020! Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch’s Nigerian boogie grail ‘Electric Murder’!

Kalita are honoured to be releasing for Record Store Day 2020 for the first time since 1983 Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch’s mythical American-Nigerian Afro boogie masterpiece ‘Electric Murder’, accompanied by extensive liner notes based on interviews with Marcy’s family and producer Daniel Irabor.

The product of the then husband and wife team of Marcy and Dan, ‘Electric Murder’ brought together both the former’s American and the latter’s Nigerian roots; recorded in London with UK-based session musicians, this mix of heritage and styles resulted in an Afro disco album unlike any other.

We’ll be sharing the tracks as we get closer towards Record Store Day, but make sure to check out ‘Inspiration‘ below for a taste!


With original copies turning up for sale roughly once every few years, and with an eye-watering four-figure price tag to match, Kalita for this year’s Record Store Day saves you the never-ending search for this true holy grail.

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