Kalita Afro Mix / Marina Fountain (23rd April 2020)

Original Afro vinyl only mix, recorded for Marina Fountain’s Amateurism.co.uk/radio takeover on 23rd April 2020.

Really enjoyed putting this one together. Lots of obscure and lesser known Afro disco, with a few upcoming Kalita releases thrown in as well for good measure (try and guess what they could be!).

Chris Webb (Kalita Records), Balamii, 13th October 2019

Tunes. Tunes. Tunes.


Chris Webb (Kalita Records), Balamii, 1st September 2019

Tunes, announcements and teases this month. Lock in.


Chris Webb (Kalita Records) with Volta 45, Balamii, 11th August 2019

This time I was lucky enough to be joined by Volta 45, the owner of one of the best Afro collections in London and the founder of the infamous Doin’ Our Own Thing parties!

Heavy selection here. Check.


Scorchin’ Summer Disco Special, Balamii, 14th July 2019

Check out the second Kalita radio show on Balamii for a Scorchin’ Summer Disco Special!

Lots of reggae, dub, and hot hot boogie for you all to enjoy.


Chris Webb (Kalita Records) with Julie Coker, Balamii, 9th June 2019

It’s a Nigeria special, and we talk all things Julie, from her time as Miss Western Nigeria 1957, to becoming the face of Nigerian television, and of course her musical career. Tracklist via the link.


Kalita Records at Spiritland, 15th Dec 2018

Another joyful five-hour long Spiritland set!


Kalita Selections 003

Join us for the third Kalita Selections mix, where we showcase some of our favourite recent discoveries and picks. Here we travel from American soul to Surinamese boogie, via Trinidadian disco, Ghanaian burger highlife and South African house (amongst other wondrous delights!). All vinyl mix, all original pressings.


Social Joy w/ Chris Webb & Guilhem Monin – 22nd July 2018

On a beautiful sunny Sunday in Hackney, London, I joined Social Joy boss Giulhem Monin for a chilled out mix. Check!


Party socks w/ Minus Kendal & Kalita Records – 24th June 2018

I was kindly invited by Minus Kendal to join him on his monthly NTS show. Lots of upcoming Kalita releases in there!


Kalita Records Cameroonian Disco Mix

In conjunction with Kalita Records’ reissue of Momo Joseph’s elusive 1980 disco single ‘Love Africa Soul’, we present here an hour long original vinyl-only mix of Cameroonian disco and boogie to get those booties shakin’. Enjoy!

‘Love Africa Soul’ is available to purchase on our webshop here.


Rush Hour Store Broadcast 005 | African and US disco with Kalita Records

Chris Webb, avid collector of African and US disco was in the store to introduce his Kalita Records label, and more!

Kalita is a record label based in London, UK, specialising in unearthing and re-releasing disco, funk and soul from across the world, including the USA, the Caribbean and West-Africa.

This is the fifth recording in a series of (themed) Rush Hour in-store broadcasts, recorded on March 14th, 2018.


Kalita Records @ Spiritland, 28th Feb 2018

I was honoured once again to be able to play for a long set at the wonderful Spiritland. Take some time out and enjoy the music.


Meet Me There Mix #008 – Kalita Records

A month ago I was contacted by Charlie from Meet Me There Weekender – Ghana to see if I would contribute a mix for their mix series. MeetMeThere is a not-for-profit Ghanaian music festival that supports the work of dream big Ghana sanitation and education. Please enjoy this Kalita mix of Ghanaian highlife, moving from funky dancefloor soukous to later mid-80s burger highlife. I hope you enjoy the mix! (SPOILER: May include an upcoming Kalita release…)


Love Vinyl Selectors Series #14

The good guys at Love Vinyl in Hoxton kindly asked me to record a mix for them. Enjoy!


Gazo Family Guest: Chris Webb (La Gazo Family, 21/12/2017)

A couple of months ago I was contacted by La Gazo to ask if I would be willing to record a guest mix for their La Gazo Family mix series, and I’m glad to be able to now share it with you all!

Expect an hour of lesser-known disco and boogie from across the globe, crossing Mauritania to Nigeria, from South Africa to New York and Kingson, Jamaica. I’m really looking forward to what we have in store for next year, and at least one of our upcoming releases is featured in the mix (so keep your ears peeled!).

I hope you like the mix as much as I did recording it.

Much love!


Sean OD with Kalita Records (Balamii, 5/11/2017)

Today’s Balamii Radio​ show with Sean O’Daly​ is online to listen to for those of you who may have missed it or want a re-cap 🙂

I join in half-way through for a chat and a selection of a few favourite records of mine, plus an announcement of Kalita’s fourth release out next Spring…

Much love.


Stamp The Wax Monday Morning Mixtape 184 (Kalita Records)

Many thanks to Stamp The Wax​ for allowing Kalita to curate their Monday Morning Mixtape this week. We’ve highlighted a selection of Ivorian disco and funk tracks that we adore and believe deserve greater exposure. A mixture of both well-loved anthems and lesser-known jams. Enjoy!


Kalita Selections 002

Tune in to Kalita Selections 002, focusing once again on the wonderful disco and boogie output of the African continent, in particular that of Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Zaire and South Africa showcased here. We hope that you enjoy the mix, and hope that some of the tracks are new to your ears. Original vinyl only 🙂

Check out our official reissue of NST Cophie’s ‘Bian Kou’ here, coming soon to all good record stores! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2Ih8abpajs


Kalita Records @ Spiritland, 19th July 2017

My Spiritland mix from earlier this week is now online for your Saturday afternoon listening pleasure. Having the opportunity to play for four hours on such a great system is a dream, allowing me to go on a journey with such beautiful music, moving from spiritual jazz to nigerian dub, from ghanaian funk to obscure US disco. Please enjoy.



Kalita Records @ Spiritland, 20th May 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to play on the Spiritland sound-system for a four hour set on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It was great to hear such good music on such a nice set-up. I started off slow with some spiritual jazz and gospel, then moved onto a more afro-centric focus, as well as including the odd US and Caribbean disco and soul track. I finished the set with ‘Bian Kou’ by NST Cophie’s, the title track from Kalita’s first release, out soon…!


And sign up here for email alerts for our first release on Kalita Records, the three choice cuts from NST Cophie’s private press 1980 Ivorian disco LP ‘Mon’Da Center’ (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nst-cophies-bian-kou/642119-01/).

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kalitarecords/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kalita_records/


Chris Webb (Kalita Records) B2B Wiggle Baron (Soul Sessions, Oxford, 19th May)

Rory from Oxford’s Soul Sessions kindly invited me to play a B2B with Wiggle Baron last month. Had a chance to play the music I love with others who I admire. Such a fun night! I hope everyone who came had such a great time as us. Here is the 12-2 slot that we played. A mixture of tropical, US and West African disco, with a future Kalita release thrown in for good measure…


And sign up here for email alerts for our first release on Kalita Records, the three choice cuts from NST Cophie’s private press 1980 Ivorian disco LP ‘Mon’Da Center’ (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nst-cophies-bian-kou/642119-01/).

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kalitarecords/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kalita_records/


Sunny Sunday Selections

An hour long vinyl mix recorded on a sunny Sunday afternoon in London. Perfect for chilling out to, whether you’re at the park soaking up the rays or stuck inside doing less entertaining things. Starting off with some beautiful Japanese spiritual jazz and US instrumental gospel, we quickly move into a quick span of tropical disco, soul and funk. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to follow us on Mixcloud, Facebook and Instagram!

And sign up here for email alerts for our first release on Kalita Records, the three choice cuts from NST Cophie’s private press 1980 Ivorian disco LP ‘Mon’Da Center’ (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nst-cophies-bian-kou/642119-01/).

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kalitarecords/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kalita_records/


Aaron L with Chris Webb (Kalita Records) (Worldwide FM, 24/04/17)

Last Monday, I was kindly asked by Aaron L​ to join him for the second half of his Worldwide FM​ show to have a mix and talk about our upcoming release on the label, NST Cophie’s’ ‘Bian Kou’ (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nst-cophies-bian-kou/642119-01/). I played a solid hour of West African boogie and disco, a mixture of anthems and lesser-known rarities. Give it a listen!


Kalita Selections 001 (16/04/17)

In celebration of Kalita Records’ first release (the three choice tracks from NST Cophie’s 1980 private press Ivorian disco record ‘Mon’Da Center’), we’ve delved deep into the Kalita vinyl vaults and recorded a mix focused on the West African (excluding a couple of great Zambian tracks) disco and boogie sound. During the mix we travel from Nigeria to Ghana, from Mali to the Ivory Coast, and from Cameroon to Zambia. We hope some of the tracks are new to your ears, and that you enjoy the (vinyl-only) mix.


Champagne Funk with Kalita Records (17/03/17)

Had the pleasure to be invited by the Champagne Funk guys Alex and Theo to play on Balamii a couple of weeks ago. Decided to play a solid West African OG vinyl disco/boogie mix, in celebration of our first release, NST Cophie’s ‘Bian Kou’ (which incidentally is the first track I play), hopefully out in May. Some of the tracks you may know, others hopefully will be new to you! Either way, all are favourites of mine. Alex and Theo play a great set for the first 1hr 5mins or so, then I have the pleasure of joining. Check it out!

Much Love.