Emerson – If You Need Me, Call Me (Limited LP Test Press, 1 per person)


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Kalita are honoured to release for the first time Emerson’s mythical 1988 unreleased boogie masterpiece ‘If You Need Me, Call Me’, accompanied by extensive interview-based liner notes and never-before-seen photos. ‘If You Need Me, Call Me’ includes both the issue and unreleased demo versions of Emerson’s extremely sought-after single ‘Sending All My Love Out’, originally privately released and distributed in 1988 in a run of just 500 copies on LAS Records.

Although ‘Sending All My Love Out’ arguably failed at the time to receive the recognition that it deserved, since release the single’s desirability has increased exponentially, and is now highly sought-after by collectors and DJs alike who find themselves spending eye-watering prices to secure their own copy.

Emerson recording ‘If You Need Me, Call Me’ at Real 2 Reel, 1986

The musical product of the visionary couple Emerson and Leora Sandidge, ‘If You Need Me, Call Me’ is a personal collection of synthesizer and drum-machine-led boogie of the highest quality. Recorded over the space of just one week at Real To Reel Studios in Stockbridge, Georgia, Emerson and Leora intended to release ‘If You Need Me, Call Me’ as a follow up to ‘Sending All My Love Out’. However, due to familial responsibilities and health complications the album was never released to the public, and the original master tapes have remained locked away until now.

In partnership with Emerson and Leora, we now think it high time to satisfy the demand and to share this masterpiece with the world.

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