Track of the Day 11 – Ofege’s ‘Burning Jungle’ (1978) (Polydor)

Released on Polydor’s Nigerian division in 1978, Ofege’s fourth and final LP ‘How Do You Feel’ proved a massive hit. And with tracks such as ‘Burning Jungle’ included on the wax, its easy to see why. The track appears today to be so forward-focused, so ‘modern’ for its time, foreshadowing the further move towards boogie that was to sweep Lagos off its feet soon after. This was a move away from the band’s previous focus, which had been more towards afro-rock, influenced by guitarists such as Jimmy Paige and Carlos Santana. Check out the band’s earlier material for other great musical offerings, such as the psychedelic disco burner  ‘Amayo’ from the LP ‘The Last of the Origins’ on EMI.

Recently included as a 7″ in Soundway’s ‘Doing It in Lagos’ compilation, ‘Burning Jungle’ is now widely available for all to get their hands on.


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