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Track of the Day 10 – Colored Music’s ‘Heartbeat’ (1981) (Better Days)

Appearing on the Japanese outfit Colored Music’s 1981 self-titled LP on the label Better Days, ‘Heartbeat’ is a fantastic proto-type electronic new wave synth workout. Now highly sought-after, this masterpiece by Atsuo Fujimoto and Ichiko Hashimoto was recently reissued as an 7 inch single edited by Chee Shimizu, and has Continue reading

Track of the Day 8 – Enlightment’s ‘What’s Happening People’ (1984) (New Release Records)

Enlightment’s gospel disco album ‘Faith is the Key’ is a holy grail in the truest sense. Full of dance floor-friendly spiritual groove, the record was released on New Release Records in 1984 (although no one would be blamed for guessing its release as a few years earlier, lacking the more ‘electronic’ synth sounds emerging from 1983 onwards). Based in the Washington Continue reading

Track of the Day 6 – Rim & Kasa’s ‘Love Me For Real’ (1982) (Sum Sum Records)

I remember I once watched¬† a video where the interviewee said if you see a record sleeve and the musicians are all of varying nationalities, check out the record. And this is certainly true of the back sleeve of Rim & Kasa’s afro disco LP ‘Too Tough’, released on the private label Sum Sum Records in 1982. Originating from Continue reading

Track of the Day 5 – Shina Williams’ ‘Agboju Logun’ and ‘Cunny Jam Wayo’ (Phondisk)

If you’re looking for a track sure to get the crowd on their feet, maybe Shina Williams’ ‘Agboju Logun’ is the one for you. Released on Phonodisk in Nigeria on the album ‘African Dances’, and then rereleased by Rough Trade in the UK in 1984, the groove is tight, the female vocals Continue reading

Track of the Day 4 – Errol de la Fuente’s ‘Happiness’ (1980) (Bongo Music)

You want some squelchy bass accompanied by tight drums and a killer breakdown? Well look no further than Errol de la Fuente’s offering, ‘Happiness’. Released on the small Surinamese label Bongo Music in 1980, this super-rare single is sure to get the crowd funking around on the dance floor. Thankfully, Continue reading

Track of the Day 3 – Livy Ekemezie’s ‘Holiday Action’ (1983) (Linc Major Production Records)

It’s a shame that one of the strongest Nigerian boogie LPs has to also be one of the hardest to find. Livy Ekemezie’s ‘Friday Night’, released in Enugu on the private label Linic Major Production Records is full to the brim with funk, disco and boogie badness, every track sure to set the floor on fire. We’ve chosen here to highlight ‘Holiday Action’, but you should also check Continue reading

Track of the Day 8 – Steel an’ Skins’ ‘Reggae Is Here Once Again’ (1979) (Steel An’ Skin)

Self-released in the UK in 1979 by Steel an’ Skin on their label of the same name, ‘Reggae is Here Once Again’ is a belting dub disco single to beat them all.¬† Fusing African and Caribbean sounds, the band featured musicians from Jamacia, Ghana, St Kitts, Trinidad and the UK, all performing together to produce Continue reading

Track of the Day 2 – De Frank Professional’s ‘Afe Ato Yen Bio’ (1978) (Anopa Nsonoma)

Appearing on the Ghanian label Anopa Nsonoma in 1978, the De Frank Professionals’ album of the same name is a grail in the truest sense of the word, highly desirable for both collectors and DJs. And once given a listen its soon obvious why. In ‘Afe Ato Yen Bio’, De Frank, backed by Vis-a-Vis (a band highly renowned in their own right – just check out their track ‘Obi Agye Me Dofo‘ to see why) leads us through just under Continue reading