Aaron L with Chris Webb (Kalita Records) (Worldwide FM, 24/04/17)

Last Monday, I was kindly asked by Aaron L​ to join him for the second half of his Worldwide FM​ show to have a mix and talk about our upcoming release on the label, NST Cophie’s’ ‘Bian Kou’ (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nst-cophies-bian-kou/642119-01/). I played a solid hour of West African boogie and disco, a mixture of anthems and lesser-known rarities. Give it a listen!

Kalita Selections 001

In celebration of Kalita Records’ first release (the three choice tracks from NST Cophie’s 1980 private press Ivorian disco record ‘Mon’Da Center’), we’ve delved deep into the Kalita vinyl vaults and recorded a mix focused on the West African (excluding a couple of great Zambian tracks) disco and boogie sound. During the mix we travel from Nigeria to Ghana, from Mali to the Ivory Coast, and from Cameroon to Zambia. We hope some of the tracks are new to your ears, and that you enjoy the (vinyl-only) mix.

Don’t forget to sign up your interest for NST Cophie’s on Juno (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nst-cophies-bian-kou/642119-01/).

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Much love.

Champagne Funk with Kalita Records

Had the pleasure to be invited by the Champagne Funk guys Alex and Theo to play on Balamii a couple of weeks ago. Decided to play a solid West African OG vinyl disco/boogie mix, in celebration of our first release, NST Cophie’s ‘Bian Kou’ (which incidentally is the first track I play), hopefully out in May. Some of the tracks you may know, others hopefully will be new to you! Either way, all are favourites of mine. Alex and Theo play a great set for the first 1hr 5mins or so, then I have the pleasure of joining. Check it out!

Don’t forget to sign up your interest for NST Cophie’s on Juno (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nst-cophies-bian-kou/642119-01/).

And give our Facebook page a like as well (https://www.facebook.com/kalitarecords/).

Much Love.


Track of the Day 6 – Rim & Kasa’s ‘Love Me For Real’ (1982) (Sum Sum Records)

I remember I once watched  a video where the interviewee said if you see a record sleeve and the musicians are all of varying nationalities, check out the record. And this is certainly true of the back sleeve of Rim & Kasa’s afro disco LP ‘Too Tough’, released on the private label Sum Sum Records in 1982. Originating from Begoro, Ghana, Rim Kwaku Obeng had obtained the title of ‘master drummer’ at age 18. After touring the world, he settled in the US and produced this piece of musical genius. Rim’s LP is a true masterpiece, featuring musicians from across the globe (including those Rim taught himself) to produce one hell of an offering to us.

No wonder originals are coveted so highly by collectors and DJs alike. Luckily, BBE reissued Rim’s two albums (‘Too Tough’ and ‘Rim Arrives’) as well as the killer single ‘I’m Not Going To Let You Go’, last year. Saves many of us a pretty penny spent buying an OG, and that’s if you could even track them down. Check out the mad drum break accompanied by killer bass and female vocals at the 4:04 mark! Pure badness.